Jerry Kennedy

Seventh and Eighth Grade Music Teacher, Band Director

Jerry Kennedy is a Level III Orff instructor and has several decades of experience as a band leader and professional musician. In addition to teaching over 10 different instruments, some to our Black Pine Circle School students, Jerry has taught at Step One, Marin, and Civicorps Elementary schools. In 2004, he established Guitar for Kids, a music program for young musicians to learn and showcase their talents. The GFK music program has been a mainstay at La Pena Cultural in Berkeley, where, in 2005, he also established the East Bay Music Camp, a summer program for underprivileged youth. In 2007, he started a mentoring program for foster youth called Fosters Assisting Fosters and created a partnership with Seneca House and A Better Way, bringing in youth to these programs to provide them with a platform to share their experiences of being in the foster care system. Jerry joined Black Pine Circle School in 2009.

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Why I Work with Children

I enjoy the process of helping kids to learn and find growth that occurs when one studies music. It’s amazing to witness kids finding their confidence and passion through music.

Quick Fact

Performed music in South Africa during the end of legal apartheid.

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