Maria Palmer

Sixth Grade English Teacher, Eighth Grade Creative Writing Teacher

This is Maria Palmer’s 30th year at BPC. Maria received both her B.A. in English literature and her kindergarten through eighth grade teaching credential, with a specialization in teaching English, from UC Berkeley. Maria has also taken graduate courses in English literature at UCLA and completed the coursework for an M.A. in design at UC Berkeley. She taught sixth grade at both Franklin School in Oakland and Altadena School in Altadena, California. Maria was also on the curatorial staff at the Berkeley Art Museum before joining the Black Pine Circle School faculty in 1993. She is the mother of two grown children, grandmother to four grandchildren, and travels frequently to visit her family in Berlin. Maria enjoys traveling, hiking, jazz, art, and reading.

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Why I Work with Children

I love thinking, exploring, and learning with the children – they teach me so much!

A Favorite Book

Impossible to answer – but Watership Down and To Kill a Mockingbird are among my all-time favorites.

Quick Fact

Loves to write or paint

Other Faculty for This Grade

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