Torin Coffino

Sixth Grade History Teacher

Torin Coffino was born and raised in San Francisco’s Richmond District. After high school he went to Santa Barbara City College to play basketball, eventually graduating in 2010 from Cal-State Monterey with a B.A. in human communication and a concentration in ethnic studies. He attended SFSU’s ethnic studies master’s program, completing all his coursework, with his thesis still in progress. In 2017, Torin joined Brandeis San Francisco as a resident fourth grade teacher. He has coached high school basketball for 10 years, coaching boys JV and Varsity from 2014-2022.  This past season he took the Girls Varsity Basketball position at Urban High School in San Francisco. Between teaching, coaching and a new puppy, personal time is hard to come by, but he enjoys live music, co-running a hot chicken pop-up, and is a collector of tattoos. Torin joined the BPC faculty in 2020 as the fifth grade head teacher.

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Why I Work with Children

Children are the greatest teachers on earth, and having a job where I get to engage in deep discussions with them is something that I cherish.

A Favorite Book

My favorite fiction book has got to be Animal Farm for its revolutionary spirit.

Quick Fact

Played Gaelic Football as a youth, and won a Minors championship in Ireland

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