Music, Strings, Orchestra & Band

Meaningful Study & Joyful Music-Making

We consider music the art of thinking with sound and as vital a subject as mathematics.

Music faculty at Black Pine Circle are all conservatory-level musicians dedicated to their own music making in folk, jazz/funk, baroque, classical, and musical theater. Our repertoire is culturally diverse and is often linked to subjects that the students are studying in their classrooms.

We offer a music education that employs a range of teaching methods including those drawn from Kodály and Orff pedagogies.

Kindergarten - Grade 3 Find the joy in making music together
Grades 4 & 5 Build a strong foundation in musical concepts
Grade 6 - 8 Bring forth the music that lives in every student
Lower School Music Performance


All students develop rhythm and coordination through singing games, chants, body movement, and percussion. All classes (K-8) perform choral repertoire for school music events including Generations Day, the Winter Concerts, and the Spring Concert.

Lower School Orff Class

Musical Instruments

Over the course of a K-8 education at Black Pine Circle, every child experiences many instruments in a thoughtful progression: voice, Orff percussion instruments, violin or cello, xylophone and recorder, piano, ukulele, and guitar.

Music Ensembles

Many students join one of the extra-curricular musical ensembles, which meet before or after the school day.


Music Faculty

Cheryl Sumsion

Fourth-Sixth Grade Music Teacher

Tamed a mechanical bull in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Dina Weinshelbaum

Dina Weinshelbaum

First-Third Grade Cello Teacher

Toured with the Western Opera Theater for eight years

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Jerry Kennedy

Jerry Kennedy

Seventh and Eighth Grade Music Teacher, Band Director

Performed music in South Africa during the end of legal apartheid.

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Owen Roberts

Kindergarten-Third Grade Music Teacher

Was a college volleyball coach

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Rachel Durling

Rachel Durling

First-Third Grade Violin Teacher

Played at the Grammys

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Rem Djemilev

BPC String Orchestra Leader

Creates musical arrangements for fun

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