Administrative & Decision Making FAQ

Who is responsible for decisions relating to how long our school remains on a remote learning plan and on when our campus will reopen?

The BPC Board of Directors and our Senior Management Team work together to make decisions around campus closure based on information, recommendations, and/or directives provided by the CDC, City of Berkeley Health Division, California Association of Independent Schools, and the BPC parent-led Health, Medical, and Infectious Diseases Task Force, made up of community members who are experts.

How long will BPC’s campus be closed?

In accordance with the Alameda County and the City of Berkeley Department of Public Health mandate, BPC’s campus is currently scheduled to be closed until at least Wednesday, April 8. Instruction and learning will continue during our time away by employing a distance learning program. We will be evaluating the ever-evolving community response to the Covid-19 pandemic to determine whether the reopening date must be extended.

Posted in and last updated on Mar 19, 2020 @ 12:23 pm.