Physical Education & Sports

Cultivating a Lifelong Appreciation of Sport
for Fun & Fitness

Movement Matters!


Our students run, jump, skip, throw and catch, navigate obstacle courses, play soccer, volleyball, basketball, and hockey, scale our climbing wall, and experience yoga and dance.

Our friendly and creative coaches focus on fitness, teamwork, and perseverance through an endless variety of games and sports. We aim for engaged participation in every class and inspire all students to reach for new heights.

After-School Athletics

Volley Ball Team

In addition to the weekly physical education curriculum, upper school students can participate in co-ed, interscholastic competitions in soccer, basketball, and volleyball. An after-school tennis club and a Taekwondo Club for lower school students are regularly offered.

More about Our Sports Teams

Soccer is offered in the fall, basketball in the winter, and volleyball in the spring. Participating in these interscholastic teams affords our upper school students the opportunity to hone their skills with athletes from different splits, different grades, and those from other local independent schools. Depending on the sport, home games are played on campus or at the James Kenney Recreation Center, located within walking distance.

Athletic Facilities

On Campus


Upper School Yard

This central campus area contains our climbing wall, a favorite activity for both upper and lower school students. It is used for physical education lessons, after-school sports, and recess.  Popular activities here include basketball, four-square, volleyball, yoga, and more.


Lower School Yard

This central campus area contains our play structure for our youngest students as well as marked courts for basketball, four square, and hopscotch. It is in near-constant use, whether for physical education, after-school sports, or recess. Popular activities include soccer, wallball and other ball games, tennis club, and more.


Athletic Field

All students enjoy this field for physical education and recess: soccer, dodgeball, banana tag, parachute games, pilates, and dance all happen here.

Near Campus


James Kenney Community Center & Park

This community center gymnasium is used for soccer and basketball, while the fields host our Walkathon, our Annual Games Day & barbecue, and more.

George Florence Park

George Florence Park

This green field is used for sports, games, science experiments like rocket launches, our Holi Festival of Colors activities, and more.

Aquatic Park

We are fortunate to be located near the rich environment of the San Francisco Bay. Students visit this shoreline park for citizen science outings or as part of the Running Club or Walking Club, when offered.

aquatic park 2