BPC Robotics Team, RoBawks, Wins “Judge’s Choice” Award


The BPC Robotics team participated in a First Tech Challenge qualifying tournament on Saturday, December 10. Team RoBawks consisted of 7th & 8th graders.

Out of 16 participating teams – mostly representing high schools – only two teams represented middle school teams….and RoBawks placed 11th! Team RoBawks was also surprised and delighted to be awarded the “Judge’s Choice” award for their demonstrated team mindset in the Judge’s Interview and team conduct throughout the event:

“This award is optional and may not be given at all tournaments. During the competition, the judging panel may meet a team whose unique efforts, performance, or dynamics merit recognition, but does not fit into any of the existing award categories. To recognize these unique team, FIRST offers a customizable Judges Choice Award. The judging panel may select a team to be honored, as well as the name of the Judges Choice Award. The Judges Choice Award recognizes a team for their outstanding efforts but does not factor into the advancement criteria.”

FTC Award Descriptions

The team looks forward to applying all they learned to improving their robot for their final competition on January 22, 2023 in San Jose. 

Let’s go, RoBawks!