From Halloween Musicals to Law School: BPC Alum Simone Bradley (’06) shares exciting updates

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Taking time out of her busy schedule, BPC alum Simone Bradley (‘06), recently sat with Head of School, John Carlstroem and Director of Communications, Lesley Jones. She spoke about her current work as an Associate at the Haynes Boone law firm and reflected on her time at Black Pine Circle. Mr. Carlstroem led the conversation:

Photographed: Simone, right, with Erin Austin, former law school roommate and now dear friend.

Mr. Carlstroem: Simone, thanks for meeting with us today! Why don’t we start with what your educational journey looked like after BPC?

Simone: After graduating from BPC’s middle school, I attended Berkeley High School. From there, I attended Haverford College and eventually transferred to the University of Montana to study communications and French. After graduating [cum laude, we should add!] in 2016, I focused on public relations and communications jobs – most of that work with restorative justice organizations – in the Bay Area. I also spent eight months traveling and working in Australia.

Then, I decided I wanted to study law, so I applied and started at Washington University in St. Louis. I graduated in May 2022 and I joined Haynes Boone in October 2022. I just took the Texas Bar exam in February – I’m still waiting for the results!

Mr. C: Exciting stuff! No doubt that you aced the exam. Now that you’re at a large, multi-location law firm, what do you like about working at Haynes Boone? 

Simone in 8th grade

Simone: So my work is centered on corporate mergers, acquisitions, and finance. What I like most about studying law is that it empowers me to interact with the news and current affairs through a different, more critical lens. I always ask myself: “What are the legal ramifications?

Mr. C: A lot of what we do here at BPC is meant to empower students to ask more questions. It sounds like that inquisitive mindset really stuck with you! Do any memories at BPC stand out for you? What do you value most about your middle school years at BPC?

Simone: I’m actually still in touch with many of my middle school friends – it’s been 20 years! We still sing the BPC birthday song when we get together! So many teachers stand out for me: Ms. Chun, Ms. Marziano, Ms. Palmer, Mr. G, Señora Lacy, Ms. Sumsion, Ms. Stebbins – I remember them all fondly. Some of my favorite memories are from the Halloween musicals we wrote, and singing Broadway Show Tunes together–we went to see Wicked as a class after reading the book and then sang “For Good” at our 8th grade graduation!

I felt so well-prepared for high school. Ms. Chun was instrumental in sparking my love for English, my writing and analytical skills becoming a strength in her class. Ms. Marziano was the drama teacher for all upper school grades and advisor for all the 8th grade girls – she was a great role model! BPC was a small school and it allowed for individual attention and strong connection with my teachers; it really was, is, a place where opinions were encouraged and valued and you feel known!

Please join us in thanking Simone, and wishing her the very best as she awaits her Bar exam results!

Simone, right, with Erin Austin, former law school roommate and now dear friend.