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50th Anniversary

BPC Celebrates 50 years!

We're delighted to be celebrating our 50th anniversary during the 2023—2024 school year.

Children playing on the Parker Street yard, September 1973
Children playing on the Parker Street yard, September 1973

“All that Jazz” Spring Soiree 2024

Thank you to everyone who came out for BPC’s Annual Spring Soiree & Fundraiser! Guests dressed in their sequined 20s outfits, mixed and mingled and danced together. The food was…

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Where It All Began

It all began more than 50 years ago when the idea for Black Pine Circle “College” was conceived in the Sierras by founders Oscar Pemantle, Frances Kandl, and Carmen Gonzalez.

In 1973, in the Seventh Day Adventist Church basement on Parker Street in Berkeley, Black Pine Circle Day School became a full-scale elementary school, and then added a middle school as well.

Our first teachers
Our first teachers

BPC 50 Years Slideshow

Video cover: 50 years of BPC, slideshow

What else was happening in 1973?

$1.60 per hour

was the minimum wage

Gas Station 1970s

A gallon of gas cost 35¢

The Exorcist

was the number one highest grossing film

Roe vs. Wade

In a landmark decision by the United States Supreme Court, abortion was legalized

The Oakland Athletics

won the World Series

The Sting won best picture at the Oscars

Killing Me Softly with His Song

Roberta Flack’s song won Best Pop Female Vocal, Record of the Year, and Song of the Year at the Grammys

The Endangered Species Act

was passed

Richard_Nixon_presidential_portrait circa 1974

“I am not a crook”

Richard Nixon told the nation when Watergate hearings began in November

Average college tuition

  • $358 public four-year school
  • $1,561 at a private four-year school

The Paris Peace Accords

were signed, ending U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War

General Motors

was America’s largest corporation


Popular holiday gifts:

  • Anti-Monopoly
  • Raleigh Chopper bikes
  • Dungeons & Dragons
  • Pente
  • Shrinky Dinks

The Oldsmobile Toronado

was the first car to have airbags

All in the Family

was the most popular TV show

Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree

by Tony Orlando and Dawn was the top music hit of the year