BPC Student-Led Beach Cleanup in Albany–a Climate Positive Student Network Initiative

Albany Beach Cleanup Group

On March 12, 35 BPC volunteers came out to support the shoreline cleanup in Albany initiated by 6th grader Shahvir Bhujwala as part of the important work of the Climate Positive Student Network (CPSN). The group scouted the shoreline at Albany Beach and gathered close to six large 33-gallons bags full of trash, including cans, bottles, plastic bags, mounds of tiny plastics, a rotten Halloween pumpkin, and even a dried-up Christmas tree!

CPSN, conceived by Maria Palmer, our 6th grade English teacher, is a Bay Area, intra-school, student-led program designed to provide students with a scaffolded opportunity to educate and become educators themselves about the climate change crisis, its origins, perpetrators, solutions, and positive innovations.