BPC Values FAQ

Where can I find help if my child is anxious about this situation? How should I talk to my children about COVID‑19?

If your children have lots of questions related to COVID-19, or they are experiencing anxiety,    there are resources you can refer to for help with reassuring conversations and explanations, appropriate for their age:

How will BPC encourage a safe online environment?

In times of stress and anxiety, it is important to remind ourselves often of our common situation and values. At BPC we expect kindness, empathy, and compassion, and have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment.

Our parent handbook (the Good Guardian Guide) and our upper school student planner expressly address issues around socially berating a student or family. There are reports of an uptick in this kind of behavior in California due to COVID-19.

We will address any incident like this swiftly and seriously, and ask for your help in talking with your children about the importance of being kind and treating others with respect and dignity.

How can I help?

We appreciate the many expressions of support and offers to help during this challenging time. The most important thing we all can do right now is remain calm, follow the advice of public health officials, and, above all else, stay healthy.

If you believe you have unique skills or experience that may benefit the school, we want to hear from you. Please contact Director of Development John Ormsby at jormsby@blackpinecircle.org.

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