NAIS 2018 People of Color Conference Highlights

PoCC 2018 logo

Five BPC teachers and staff attended the PoCC in Nashville, Tennessee last week. All of them found it valuable to spend time with each other and with educators from around the country, reflecting on current practices and efforts towards increasing diversity, inclusivity, and equity in our schools. Workshops included Assimilation: Necessity or White Supremacy, Exposing and Combating Implicit Bias in Organizations and Hiring, Math and Anti-Racist Practices, Centering Ourselves as Educators of Color in Independent Schools.

Rosetta Lee, who visited BPC last year, spoke about moving from “Old School Diversity to 21st Century Cultural Competency,” as well as the distinction between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation.

Spending time in affinity spaces allowed our teachers to connect with other educators who share common experiences and backgrounds. Insights gained from their time spent engaged in this important work will continue to inform their teaching and be shared with the BPC faculty.