Design Thinker & Fine Artist


Claire Kowalewski, Class of 2008

Claire is a fine artist, designer, and design thinker. She studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of The Fine Arts as a Caldwell scholar and earned a coordinated BFA from the University of Pennsylvania. She’s currently the Global Programming Director for HLAB, an organization based in Japan whose mission is to further liberal arts education beyond age and nationality.

“Creative problem solving is a skill that is massively undervalued. No matter what your dreams are, learning how to think creatively at the youngest age possible is infinitely advantageous. BPC’s visual arts, drama, and music-rich program were essential in creating my fundamental understanding of the value of creativity. This skill benefited my studies in all subjects. I felt needed when there was a creative portion of an assignment or when a solution needed to be found in a creative way. Attending a middle school that emphasized and encouraged creativity was a gift.”

Caire Kowalewski-cmyk