Sasha Johnson

Sixth Grade Math Teacher

Sasha Johnson has a B.A. in international studies from DePaul University and a master’s in education and social policy from Northwestern University. She has been a classroom teacher for nine years, and enjoys continuing her educational studies by attending Philosophy of Education Conferences. Prior to teaching at BPC, she taught in Chicago for several years. Ms. Johnson has taught history, debate, and technology, and ran the BPC debate team. She joined the upper school faculty in 2014 and this is her second year teaching sixth grade math. “Miss J,” as many students and community members call her, loves hiking around the Bay Area and getting lost in bookstores.

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Why I Work with Children

I love teaching middle school because I get to work with incredible human beings during their most formative years. I love working with adolescents because I find they often are candid, direct, and unafraid of sharing their observations of the world and their experience in it. Most are willing to share all, if you just listen. They remind me how to embrace the unknown with bravery and grace.

A Favorite Book

Fahrenheit 451. It was the first time that a book made me question the construction and design of human society. As a firefighter’s daughter, I remember my mind imploding: a world where firefighters start fires rather than putting them out? It was learning of Bradbury’s dystopian world that made me examine my own world as well as the worlds of the past. My adolescent mind acquired the ability to critically examine systems and institutions.

Quick Fact

Wanderer in bookstores, swimmer in alpine lakes

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Sasha Johnson

Sixth Grade Math Teacher

Wanderer in bookstores, swimmer in alpine lakes

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