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Isabelle Tanov

Extended Daycare Assistant

Isabelle Tanov studied art education at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she received her BFA in 2018. While studying art education, Ms. Isabelle was a teaching assistant for a K-5 art teacher as well as a high school art teacher. Chicago was very cold, however, so after four years she returned to Berkeley where she was born and raised. During the 2018-2019 school year Ms. Isabelle taught two after-school clubs at BPC: Puppet Making, and Clay Club. A BPC alum herself, Isabelle is very excited to be joining the Extended Day team this year!


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Why I Work with Children

Kids have an astounding level of energy and creativity, and being around that makes me feel so inspired. We all have access to that zest and vigor, we just need to be reminded of how much we don’t know, and how fun it is to try something new.

A Favorite Book

Fantastic Mr. Fox, among other Roald Dahl stories were some of my favorite bed time stories as a kid, especially because the chapter books would take several days. The way the stories are told with the kind of logic that makes perfect sense to a child, but leaves adults questioning reminds me both the importance of questioning, and of acceptance.

Quick Fact

Had art exhibited in Chicago and LA

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