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Amy Gordon Risz


Amy Gordon Risz

Upper School Learning Specialist

Amy Gordon Risz is the upper school learning specialist. Ms. Gordon Risz has had many roles in her more than 20 years in education, including as a classroom teacher, learning specialist, middle school assistant principal, literacy coach, and teacher mentor all throughout New York City, England, and the Bay Area. She has an M.Ed in special education from Fordham University, was identified as a model teacher, and then selected for Manhattan’s Aspiring Leadership Program. Ms. Gordon Risz is a native New Yorker and enjoys hiking, reading, and exploring the world with her husband and two sons. Her youngest son is a BPC upper school student.


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Why I Work with Children

I love listening to children’s ideas and stories. I love supporting students in identifying their strengths and helping them build on these areas. I love that I am constantly learning from students.

A Favorite Book

Middlesex: I love well-written books with a captivating plot where I am also learning something about another place, culture, or moment in history. This book hit all those marks for me.

Quick Fact

Ziplined in Laos, tended bar in Portugal

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